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RUNIN Newsletter October 2016

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Rutgers University Newark Institute at NENU  
October 2016  
RUNIN, Running!  
A Welcome Gala for  
the New Students  
As a part of the RUNIN grand  
opening program, the student  
government planned a series of  
activities to welcome the new  
s t u d e n t s i n c l u d i n g a n  
entertainment gala held on 9/24  
in the NENU Natural Museum  
Auditorium. This event featured  
a b o u t t w o h o u r s o f  
performances of singing,  
dancing, instruments, and  
comedy shows. According to the  
students organizers of this  
exciting event, the theme of the  
party was to reflect the great  
desire and best wish for our  
school and the new students to  
continue to make progress. The  
event was an enormous success.  
It brought great joy and  
harmonious atmosphere to the  
audiences. Pictured below is  
s t u d e n t s d a n c i n g t o t h e  
RUNIN’s Strength and Pride -A Diverse Faculty  
OUR FACULTY - RUNIN has not only had a dramatic expansion  
in its student population since its inception las fall, it has built a  
uniquely strong and diverse faculty with multinational and  
multidisciplinary backgrounds. Our faculty are authorities in a  
variety of different fields, from Business to Law, and in the areas of  
academic and creative writing. They hold advanced degrees from  
across the English-Speaking world. Twenty faculty members are  
currently working on site in Changchun, China to serve as  
Instructors, Course Facilitators or English language teachers.  
These individuals come from diverse education and social  
backgrounds and have extensive teaching experiences from  
across Asia, Europe and the U.S. They are a critical force in  
cultivating and fostering the vigorous academic atmosphere and  
conducive learning environment at RUNIN.  
Gangnam Style” with some of  
our faculty members.  
RUNIN is a joint education program between Rutgers of the U.S. and NENU of China and is officially approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education.1  
Rutgers University Newark Institute at NENU  
October 2016  
Alex Settles Conducting  
Blackboard Workshop for  
RUNIN Faculty/Staff  
spresso Café has made its mark on the  
NENU campus as RUNIN’s first entrepreneurial  
club. Featuring a menu of coffee, soda and  
food, Espresso is student-staffed and offers  
RBS Management professor Alex  
S e t t l e s g a v e a t w o h o u r  
services to both faculty and the students. This club has  
provided an opportunity for students to put into practice the  
skills and knowledge of accounting, marketing, event  
planning and scheduling that they have learned in their  
classes. Not only does this program allow students to operate  
their own small business, it also encourages the use of  
English. This program is entirely voluntary based and the  
positions are open both sophomores and freshmen. Our  
faculty and students love Espresso Cafe!  
workshop on Blackboard during  
his intensive teaching period at  
Changchun. His expertise and  
e x p e r i e n c e i n u s i n g t h e  
Blackboard has helped RUNIN  
staff understand and grasp the  
fundamentals of this educational  
Shaojie Zhang Spoke at  
Education Conference  
On Oct. 20-21, Shaojie Zhang,  
RUNIN Dean, gave a speech at the  
7th China Annual Conference on  
International Education held in  
Beijing. RUNIN Assistant Dean Yilu  
Xu also attended the conference.  
Participants of the meeting were  
from all over the country.  
Student Achievers at RUNIN  
Featured in this issue is National  
Scholarship Recipient Yang Nan (Chloe),  
the current President of the Coalition of  
Student Associations. Chloe is a  
Sophomore from Guangzhou majoring  
in SCM. She is not only one of the top  
academic performers, but also has been  
a student leader throughout her time  
here.Chloe can be seen all over the  
school, participating or coordinating  
RUNIN is a joint education program between Rutgers of the U.S. and NENU of China and is officially approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education.2  
Rutgers University Newark Institute at NENU  
October 2016  
every extracurricular or academic event.She is respected and loved  
by her professors and fellow students alike. Chloe is a pioneer and  
she has many good business ideas. She started the “FeedU”  
program, offering healthy breakfasts to RUNIN students. She said  
that promoting healthy eating habits was important.She also started  
a program called “Art for All” which seeks out to sell the art of young  
artists, encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit in artistic fields. Chloe  
is also an avid sports fan, attending and coordinating almost every  
part of the RUNIN sports program.She is always found playing  
sports in the fields or cheering in the crowd for others. At this point  
Chloe is planning on transferring to Rutgers at the end of her  
sophomore year and completing her Bachelor’s degree in New  
Yongwei Zhang is Recipient  
of Mt. Changbai Award  
RBS Associate Dean, RUNIN  
Executive Vice Dean Yongwei  
Zhang was recently honored by  
the Jilin Provincial Government  
with the prestigious Mt. Changbai  
Friendship Award for his  
outstanding contribution to  
building bridges between Chinese  
and American Universities. This  
award is the highest honor given  
by the Provincial Government in  
recognition of the significant  
contribution made by a foreign  
national to the cultural and  
economic development of Jilin  
Jersey. Go, Chloe!  
We wish you the best!  
R U N I N  
The student-athletes of RUNIN sought the help of their American  
teacher Malcolm Branch to coach them through their 3-game  
campaign. The team made tremendous strides in carving out a name  
for themselves as a young but promising group that will continue to  
make progress and advance in the rankings. The RUNIN Hoops  
finished the all-university 3-player tournament in third place. This is  
the first year that RUNIN has had a completely organized athletic  
program which now not only competes in basketball, but also  
includes a soccer program with the help of coach Jordan Neeser,  
another American teacher of theirs from Idaho.  
Yongwei Zhang accepting Award  
Certificate from the Provincial Governor  
Web Link for the Government News Release:  
Rutgers Univ. Newark Inst.  
Northeast Normal University  
555 Jingyue Street  
Changchun, Jilin Province  
Zip Code: 130117  
Upcoming Events in November  
Professor Pi-Chi Han of Taiwan National Kaohsiung Normal University will visit  
to discuss international education; RBS Associate Dean Manish Kumar will visit  
to meet colleagues at NENU and to discuss RUNIN budget;  
86 8453 7012  
Web: newark.nenu.edu.cn  
RUNIN is a joint education program between Rutgers of the U.S. and NENU of China and is officially approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education.3  
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